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Bhoenix –
The indestructible phoenix

Bitcoin and a Phoenix are associated with transformation and change. Bitcoin has transformed the financial landscape by introducing a decentralized, digital form of money that operates on a peer-to-peer open network. The rebirth of the phoenix also symbolizes a significant transformation & change. 

Bitcoin has been declared dead thousands of times. 
Central banks, governments, government-affiliated institutions, super banks and all those close to the money printer are afraid that we people will stop believing in their monetary system and turn to freedom money. That's why they try to talk Bitcoin down or declare it dead via mainstream media. Thousands of times.
There is a nice site that tracks almost all “deaths” of Bitcoin:

Just as the mythical Phoenix rises from its ashes to be reborn stronger and more vibrant, Bitcoin represents the rebirth of our financial system. Emerging from the ashes of the global financial crisis, Bitcoin symbolizes a new era of sound money. 

Finished with block 817371

A tattoo idea became an artwork

First came the idea, followed by a few sketches. Inspired by this initial vision, I decided to get a tattoo of the Phoenix. Once the tattoo was complete, my desire to illustrate the Phoenix as a large-scale artwork grew even stronger



A few scribbles

At first I played around with a few sketches. My linestyle fits very well to illustrate "feathers". It looks very organic. 


Cadmium Orange

I also experimented with colors. At the beginning I wasn't sure whether I wanted to color the Phoenix completely in cadmium orange. 



My first Bitcoin tattoo

I liked the symbolism of the phoenix so much that I decided to get a tattoo on my forearm first.I went to a talented tattoo artist in Rome who does tattoos with a copper engraving look. I love this style.


Various detail levels

I love details and enjoy playing with the depth of detail in pictures. As it is a large picture, I have created the greatest depth of detail in Madame Satoshi's figure. Other areas in the picture, such as the sky, I finished with larger, more dynamic strokes.



The drawing process

90% of my drawing time I had to use a flat table for the pens to work optimally. That's the difficulty with large ballpoint pen artworks.


Half the way

As I draw alongside my work, the entire drawing process took several months. In October, I visited the PlanB conference in Lugano, Switzerland, and was able to recharge my batteries for the artwork.



The sky was the most fun

Finally, I drew the sky. My drawing style results from dynamic, self-similar and repetitive patterns. For me, this part of drawing is more meditation than artistic work. I really enjoy this part and find the most flow


Cadmium orange

I find it so fascinating that Bitcoin is represented by so many artists in so many different artistic ways. I love to bring the cadmium orange into my black and white images. It's the color that brings Bitcoin to life.


Ballpoint pens are underestimated tools, just like Bitcoin.

I love it when people ask me: Was that only created with a ballpoint pen? Yes, almost. Pens are useful tools that are used in everyday life, hardly anyone would think of using them as an artistic tool. Yet this small little tool creates a distinctive, sharp, high-contrast look and is versatile. Bitcoin is also underestimated by most, yet it covers so many fascinating topics ranging from finance to psychology. 

An overview of the entire drawing process

Woman with a Parasol –
Madame Satoshi and the Whitepaper

Inspired by the work of Claude Monet and the painting "Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son", a reinterpretation with reference to the relationship between Bitcoin and current financial system, represented by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements).Inspired by the work of Claude Monet and the painting Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son, a reinterpretation with reference to the relationship between Bitcoin and current financial system, represented by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements).

If you are interested in the original, please contact me via mail

Please note that the original artwork will not be available for purchase until 2025

The original:

Size: 80cm width x 120 cm height
Paper: Clairefontaine Dessin fine 250 g/m²
Ballpoint pen: Caran d'Ache 825 Black
Color: Caran d'Ache Gouache ECO Black + Orange fluorescent
Picture frame: 100cm width x 140 cm height 
Aluminum frame Econ angular gold matt Art glass (anti-reflective)
White passepartout

Current location: Studio The Great Print in Basel
Erlenmattstrasse 55, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

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