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Meet the artist

A pen can be a powerful weapon -

I use my pen to write down my private keys and as a tool of freedom to bring Bitcoin's message to the world.

The Great Print is an artist and a brand - Swissmade, that stands for everything that has to do with Bitcoin art. As an artist, I create Bitcoin pen drawings. A ballpoint pen can be a powerful, artistic tool that is often underestimated, just like Bitcoin as a tool of freedom that is underestimated by many people. 

As a young person I experimented with many materials. At the age of 16-17 I stopped doing traditional art completely and moved on to photography, then digital painting. It wasn't until I was 30 that I rediscovered my love of traditional art. I was always looking for a meaning for my work. The combination of Bitcoin and art has given meaning to my work.


Why a
ballpoint pen?

I like the idea that the ink on ballpoint pens is permanent, with no room for correction. It reminds me of the Bitcoin blockchain. Every block is meant to last forever. No more changes possible.

That's why I use ballpoint pens and also because I like the sharp, high-contrast look. It's definitely not easy to create large artworks with them. It involves a lot of work and time, but that's exactly what we Bitcoiners like - honest proof of work.

Where to find my art?

I also make art with other media such as digital drawing, photography or filming. But with the rise of AI, I am more and more interested in classical art.

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Where to buy my art?

My art can be purchased in my online shop. If you would like to buy the original works, you can also visit me in my studio in Basel, Switzerland. 

What Bitcoin and art
mean to me

I have always been interested in art. I made my first drawings at the age of 8. I had strict parents and I didn't have a TV and wasn't allowed out much. I always enjoyed drawing and painting, I had nothing else. When I was 12-14 years old, I started designing board games and card games and building them myself. 

As I got older, I discovered the computer, Photoshop and later photography. I made my last drawings when I was 20 because I had to do them for my art course. I didn't see any "point" in painting or drawing.

At 28 I discovered Bitcoin, and it wasn't until I was 32 that I rediscovered my love of classical art. Bitcoin has given meaning to my art. I will experiment with different media in the future. At the moment I find ballpoint pen art interesting.

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