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A Bitcoin riddle

Find the 24 hidden words of my bitcoin donation address and you can keep all the satoshis.

How it works?

Every single word to the private key of this address: bc1qm3ayuhn7wppuqxaywu8ea0lggs8myy7543fekk is implemented on each original artwork of my Genesis Collection. You can find the artworks from the Genesis Collection here

Each original drawing has 1 well hidden word implemented into the artwork. You can only find the words on the original artworks. (Important! My printed artworks do not have any hidden words intigrated!) 

The first person to send me this 24 words (in any particular order) will get the 25th word for accessing the address. Please note that with today's block time 832132  only 2 artworks are publicly visible/finished and therefore only 2 words can be found so far.

You can view my original artworks here:

Studio The Great Print, Erlenmattstrasse 55, 4058, Basel, Switzerland

Or at the following exhibitions:

Bitcoin Atlantis 

PlanB Forum

Good luck

2/24 Words can be found

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